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Brown Sugar Cinnamon Croissants

Sometimes you just have things in the refrigerator that need to be used up, asap. Such was the case today.  My son likes those Pillsbury Crescent rolls that come in the tube like those pictured here.  For those that have never heard of them, these are raw dough, rolled out, pre-cut and then rolled back up to go into the tube.  You open the tube – pop it open, unroll the dough and then shape them.  Very simple to do.

I don’t mind these, though they of course don’t taste like real crossoints.  But as a quick bread for a meal, they aren’t too bad.

Today, though, I opened the tube, unrolled the dough, and added some brown sugar and cinnamon, with a tiny dollop of butter, and baked them at 375F until they were golden brown. They were light little cinnamon rolls.  Not too bad.

I know there are a lot of different uses for these crescent rolls — wrapping little hot dogs, wrapping brie, wrapping cream cheese and jam, etc.  But I thought for those that needed an idea, and had these on hand, it might be worth this quick little post.


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